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Learn About Victor Pet Foods

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Victor manufactures affordable and nutritious pet food options. In comparison to other similarly priced brands, Victor offers much better ingredients and overall quality.

Victor does not include any corn, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial preservatives, or cheap grain by-products. In addition, all Victor pet foods are produced in the company manufacturing plant located in Texas.

What Type of Pet Food Does Victor Produce?

Victor manufactures dog and cat food products which are affordable and provide great nutrition. They offer many types of dry dog food options including grain free varieties.

Currently, the brand only offers one type of dry cat food, known as “Victor Mers Classic Feline.” This cat food recipe is designed to meet the nutritional needs of kittens, adults, and mature cats.

Victor is marketed as a healthy and natural pet food brand. They back-up these claims by manufacturing foods in their own manufacturing plant located in Texas.

Victor also does not include any of the following ingredients in their recipes:

  • corn
  • wheat
  • soy
  • glutens
  • artificial preservatives
  • processed grain by-products

Victor products are formulated to meet and exceed the minimum nutritional guidelines established by AAFCO.

Where Can I Buy Victor Pet Food?

Victor pet foods are sold by independently owned stores. These include:

  • Feed & Farm Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Garden Stores
  • General Stores
  • Pet Specialty Stores

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Victor at big-box pet stores (i.e. Petco/Petsmart). To find an available retailer near your location, use the official store locater.

Many pet owners may struggle to find a nearby store which carries Victor pet foods. Thankfully, Victor dog and cat food products are also available online.

Our recommended online retailer for Victor Pet Food is & These retailers offer the largest selection of Victor pet food products. If you are an Amazon Prime member, the lowest prices are typically offered by Amazon.

The Victor brand is continually expanding into more territories. As they expand, Victor pet foods will become easier to locate and purchase. For now, pet owners are limited to the small number of stores and online purchasing options.

How Can I Save Money On Victor Pet Foods?

If you are shopping for pet food in-store, your options are fairly limited. Here are several tips which can help in-store shoppers.

  • Compare prices across multiple stores
  • Join your local retailer mailing list
  • Join your local store’s loyalty program
  • Buy the largest package of dry food
  • Buy food in bulk when it goes on sale
  • Check PawDiet for printable Victor dog food coupons or cat food coupons

Occasionally, smaller brands like Victor will offer printable coupons. However, these kind of coupons are relatively rare. For online shoppers, coupons and special promotions are far more common.

Here are some online shopping tips for Victor customers:

  • Use Victor coupon codes
  • Shop at Amazon/Ebay
  • Join Amazon Prime for free shipping
  • Enroll into an auto-ship program at Chewy/Amazon

If you intend to feed Victor on a regular basis, you should consider enrolling into an auto-ship program. Chewy and Amazon offer great discounts for auto-ship customers.

You can also save money by using Victor dog food coupons and Victor cat food coupons at an online retailer. Online stores offer these coupons on a regular basis. Sometimes, these coupons can reduce the overall cost of feeding Victor by more than 25%. Over the lifespan of your pet, saving 25% on each purchase can equate to thousands of dollars in savings.

Victor Pet Food History

Victor pet food’s history dates back to 1922 when Victor foods were manufactured by Thibault Milling Company of Little Rock Arkansas. In 1998, the Thibault Milling plant burned down, and the brand disappeared.

In 2005, construction began on a pet food manufacturing plant located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. This new manufacturing plant revived the Victor pet food brand.

Here is an interesting quote from the founder & CEO of Mid-American Pet Food, the company which owns the Victor brand.

“I wanted to build a brand of dog food that offered great nutrition to the dog, a great value to the dog owner, and over time gain the trust of the independent retailer to recommend Victor as their store brand with products that will help differentiate themselves from the mass merchandisers.”