Fromm Pet Food Recall History

Has Fromm Ever Been Recalled?

Yes, Fromm has been recalled once. In March of 2016, Fromm discovered through its own analysis that three varieties of canned dog food contained an incorrect amount of vitamin and minerals. More specifically, the affected products contained an elevated level of vitamin D.

With the exception of the 2016 Fromm recall, our staff has not been able to find any other recalls by the Fromm Family brand of pet food. Given that Fromm has been producing pet food since the 1940s, one minor recall is certainly nothing to be concerned about.

List of Fromm Recalls

March 14, 2016

Fromm Family Foods has initiated a voluntary recall for three varieties of canned dog food. The affected products may contain elevated levels of vitamin D. As of March 14, no adverse health affects have been reported to Fromm Family, but the company recommends that you do not feed the affected products.

Here are the identifying details for the canned dog foods affected by this recall:

  • Name: Fromm Family Gold Chicken Pate Dog Food
  • Size: 12 oz. cans
  • Case Code: #11893
  • UPC: 72705 11892
  • Name: Fromm Family Gold Chicken & Duck Pate Dog Food
  • Size: 12 oz. cans
  • Case Code: #11895
  • UPC: 72705 11894
  • Name: Fromm Family Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate Dog Food
  • Size: 12 oz. cans
  • Case Code: #11891
  • UPC: 72705 11890

According to the official press release, consumption of the affected products as the only meal for an extended period of time could lead to depression of appetite.

No other Fromm dog food or cat food products were affected by this recall.

Where is Fromm Made?

Fromm Family Pet Foods are manufactured in the United States. All recipes are produced within plants located in Wisconsin.

Dry pet foods, canned pet foods, and low-fat treats are made inside Fromm Family owned-and-operated manufacturing facilities.

Grain free treats are made inside a partner plant (not owned by Fromm Family) located in Wisconsin.

Although products are manufactured in the United States, some ingredients are imported from overseas. This is the reason that Fromm Family typically does not write "Made In The USA" on any of its packaging.

Fromm does assure consumers that none of the ingredients used by Fromm Family originate in China. Here is an except taken directly from the Fromm website:

We have very strict requirements for the safety and nutritional value of our ingredients that must be met by our suppliers and one of these requirements is that no ingredient can originate in China.

Is Fromm Pet Food Safe?

The Fromm Family Pet Food brand has an impressive record of safety. This family-owned business has been producing pet food since the 1940s, during which only one recall has been announced.

All pet food brands are susceptible to manufacturing errors. Therefore, we cannot really hold one particular misstep against a business that has been operating for many decades.

The 2016 Fromm recall was actually a minor issue relative to many other instances of product recalls. The company press release did not provide any details regarding the cause of the problem, but they did mention that no complains were made by consumers.

Overall, we believe that Fromm Family has demonstrated their commitment to safety and product quality throughout their long history in the pet food industry. Therefore, we have no reason to question the safety of Fromm Family dog food or cat food products.