Zignature Pet Food Recall History

Has Zignature Ever Been Recalled?

No, Zignature Dog Food has never been recalled.

Zignature is owned by a privately held company called Pets-Global. The company was founded in 2010. Pets-Global is headquartered in Valencia, CA.

As of right now, Pets-Global owns two brands of pet food: Zignature and Fussie Cat. Our research indicates that Fussie Cat has also never been recalled.

List of Zignature Recalls

No recalls reported.

Where Is Zignature Made?

All Zignature dog food recipes are made in Perham, Minnesota and Mitchell, South Dakota.

Pets-Global does not own the facilities that produce Zignature dog foods. Instead, they use co-packers in Minnesota and South Dakota for the physical "making" of their dog foods.

According to the brand's website, ingredients are sourced from the following countries: USA, France, New Zealand, France, Australia.

Is Zignature Dog Food Safe?

There are two primary points that we'll discuss to evaluate the safety of Zignature dog food: (1) The recall/safety record, (2) The ingredients used in Zignature recipes.

Zignature and Fussie Cat are owned by the same company. Both brands have never been recalled. But, we must keep in mind that this company is less than a decade old. Pets-Global was founded in 2010 and therefore is relatively young in the pet food industry.

We've also indicated that Zignature is manufactured by another company/co-packer which has not been publicly disclosed. Therefore, we cannot evaluate the safety record of the facility that is in charge of making Zignature dog foods.

Although Zignature has significant input in the manufacturing process, there are many variables that they cannot control. Often times co-packers manufacture foods for dozens of other brands, which increases the likelihood of contamination.

In general, we prefer brands that own their own manufacturing facility or brands that publicly disclose the exact entities that are making their pet food.

Our research also indicates that Zignature dog foods are free of many common harmful ingredients put into pet food. For example, Zignature does not contain any artificial preservatives or artificial colors.

Overall, Zignature is a promising new brand of pet food with a clean recall history. We have no reason to question the safety of any Zignature dog foods.