Nature's Logic Pet Food Recall History

Has Nature's Logic Ever Been Recalled?

No, Nature's Logic has never been recalled.

Nature's Logic has been available for more than a decade. The company was founded in 2005 by Scott Freeman who envisioned a brand of pet food that did not contain any synthetic supplements.

List of Nature's Logic Recalls

No recalls reported.

Where Is Nature's Logic Made?

All Nature's Logic dog food and cat food products are manufactured in the United States. Previously, it was reported that Nature's Logic was manufactured by Mid American pet Food, Simmons Pet Foods, and Del Gould. However, our research shows that these companies are not the current producers of Nature's Logic (except for Simmons).

Here is a list of product type and location of production provided directly by the Nature's Logic website (current as of July, 2017).

  • Dry Kibble, Pawnee City, Nebraska, USA
  • Canned Formulas, Emporia, Kansas, USA
  • Raw Food, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA
  • Supplements, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

Further research suggests that the Pawnee City, Nebraska plant is owned by C.J. Foods Inc. This pet food producer owns three manufacturing facilities located in Nebraska and Missouri.

The Emporia, Kansas manufacturing plant is most likely owned by Simmons Pet Foods. This company owns multiple facilities throughout the United States and Canada. In 2010, Simmons acquired Menu Foods, which was involved in the massive pet food recall of 2007 that killed hundreds if not thousands of dogs and cats.

The Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin facility is most likely owned by Bailey Farms Pet Food Company. This producer specializes in makes raw frozen pet food and freeze-dried pet food.

The St. Joseph, Missouri location belongs to Ameri-Pac Inc. This company makes pet food premixes and other nutritional products for animal feed and health industries. They handle everything from pet food premix formulations to animal health, antioxidants, and custom ingredient processing.

To summarize, here is a more comprehensive list of where foods are made and by whom.

  • Dry Dog Food & Dry Cat Food: C.J. Foods Inc in Nebraska.
  • Canned Dog Food & Canned Cat Food: Simmons Pet Foods In Kansas
  • Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat Food: Bailey Farms Pet Food Company in Wisconsin
  • Supplements: Ameri-Pac in Missouri

In summary, Nature's Logic pet food is manufactured in the United States by several manufacturing partners. In other words, Nature's Logic does not actually make any of it's own pet food recipes. This is a fairly common (yet not ideal) arrangement in the pet food industry.

Is Nature's Logic Pet Food Safe?

Nature's Logic has maintained an impressive record of safety throughout its decade long history. Unlike most other brands in the pet food industry, Nature's Logic has never been recalled.

The only concern we have with Nature's Logic is the choice to outsource manufacturing. As we discussed earlier, Nature's Logic foods are made by other companies (often called co-packers). When brands use co-packers to make their pet food, the chance of contamination and errors in the production process typically increase.

These third-party pet food producers are often making foods for dozens, if not hundreds, of other brands. Thus, ingredients from all over the world are moving in and out of the facility, which could clearly increase the chance of contamination.

One of the largest manufacturing partners to make Nature's Logic pet food is Simmons Pet Foods. We know that Simmons also makes pet food for brands like Ol' Roy. Therefore, we know that Simmons has very low quality ingredients from questionable sources moving into and out of their manufacturing facilities on a regular basis.

Furthermore, Menu Foods was acquired by Simmons in 2010. As you may know, Menu Foods recalled more than 50 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food because they were using vegetable protein contaminated with melamine. Thousands of dogs and cats became sick or died as a result of the contamination. We do not know what changes Simmons made after the acquisition, but they have essentially acquired the baggage associated with Menu Foods.

Third-party affiliations, especially when these parties are responsible for making the foods, are very important relationships to evaluate. But, we don't think it is entirely fair to connect all of these negative points to Nature' Logic. While the connection is not favorable, Nature's Logic has maintained a good reputation throughout its history. Here is an except from the Nature's Logic website explaining their safety testing.

Nature’s Logic® also tests every batch of food to ensure that it meets our specifications. In addition, our ingredients and finished foods are tested to ensure there are no harmful bacteria, like Salmonella or E. coli, which have been the reason for most pet food recalls that have occurred over the past ten years.

We also test for potential rancidity, aflatoxins, and vomitoxins. The company has also done random testing for fluoride.

Finally, here's an except by Nature's Logic which explains how they avoid quality and contamination issues.

First, we either directly purchase or approve the sources of all our ingredients. Second, we use meats, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables that come from human-edible processing facilities. All our manufacturing plants are registered with the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration.

Our kibble plants in both Bern, KS and Pawnee City, NE are NSF Food Safety Certified. Our canned food plant in Emporia, KS is certified for the Global Standard for Food Safety. All are AIB Certified and several are EU (European Union) Certified.

While we do not have any more detailed information regarding the testing program used by Nature's Logic, the program has clearly been successful thus far. We believe that Nature's Logic does indeed prioritize safety and employs an effective strategy to avoid potentially dangerous pet food recalls.

Even in regards to ingredients, Nature's Logic sources ingredients from vendors that can guarantee ingredients do not come from China and do not contain any chemical preservatives, herbicides, or insecticides. Most ingredients are sourced from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Europe.