Ziwi Peak Pet Food Recall History

Has ZiwiPeak Ever Been Recalled?

To date, Ziwi (formerly ZiwiPeak) has never been recalled.

ZiwiPeak has been selling pet food since 2015. The company recently changed its name from ZiwiPeak to Ziwi. According to our research, Ziwi is now available for sale in 19 different countries.

The Ziwi brand of pet food is focused on producing high-quality premium dog and cat food recipes. The brand is relatively new to the industry, but they are expanding very quickly across the world.

List of ZiwiPeak Recalls

No recalls reported.

Where Is ZiwiPeak Pet Food Made?

Ziwi Peak products are manufactured in New Zealand. Although not officially confirmed by Ziwi, it appears that some canned food recipes may be manufactured in the United States or Canada.

The ingredients used in Ziwi pet foods are mostly sourced from New Zealand where the foods are manufactured. The brand's website specifically states that none of the ingredients used in Ziwi pet foods are sourced from China. The vitamins and minerals added into Ziwi foods are sourced from New Zealand, Europe, Japan, and the USA.

As of right now, we do not know if Ziwi owns the facilities which manufacture Ziwi Peak dog food and cat food recipes. This information is not clearly provided on the company's website.

Many pet food brands use other companies to manufacture their pet food products. These other parties are often called co-packers. In this setup, Ziwi would provide the specifications of the products and the co-packer would make the finished product.

In many of these co-packer arrangements, the brand will send samples from each batch to be tested before products are released to distributors. However, the testing is typically not very comprehensive and can skip some serious quality issues that could trigger a product recall in the future.

The manufacturing facility used to produce Ziwi pet food is located in the coastal town of Mount Maunganui (North Island of New Zealand).

Is ZiwiPeak Pet Food Safe?

Ziwi or ZiwiPeak is a relatively new brand of pet food. Given the brand's age, it's difficult to judge the safety of the products. Thus far, they have not issued any recalls or done anything that would would concern us.

Our research indicates that Ziwi is focused on targeting the premium pet food market. The consumers who purchase foods from this sector of the pet food market are typically very concerned with safety and quality. Therefore, Ziwi surely knows that consumers have very high expectations from the brand's dog and cat food recipes.

On their website, they provide lots of information regarding their recipes and quality standards. For example, they do not use any artificial preservatives or dangerous food dyes. They also make an effort to highlight the benefits of manufacturing and sourcing ingredients from New Zealand. The main points they focus on is the strict New Zealand government regulations, the country's bio-security, and optimal farming climate.

We agree that New Zealand is a very reputable country with strict regulations. We do not have any reason to question the safety of Ziwi pet foods given the limited history of the brand.

The only concern we currently have is the manufacturing facility used. Ziwi does not provide any concrete information regarding the name of the facility and whether or not the facility is owned-and-operated by Ziwi. If they do not own the facility, we'd like to look into the company responsible for manufacturing Ziwi products to evaluate their safety record.