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Dog Jumping Fence Panels?

dog jumping fence

Is your dog jumping fence panels, walls, hedges or gates?

On this page we will answer some common dog behavior questions and learn to recognize specific dog behavior patterns that may make your dog more likely to start jumping fences. We will achieve this through recognized dog training techniques, tips, methods, commands and using specific dog training devices. This may involve purchasing a conventional or invisible dog fence collar (but this is up to you) or may involve you building a dog ear fence (but more on this later).

Sometimes, you also need to stop dogs digging under you and your neighbors fence and we will also help cure this common behavioral problem too… However, if you didn’t realize it stopping your dog jumping fence panels, walls, hedges, gates etc is actually one of the easiest behavioral problems to cure… 

So lets get started…

Reasons why Your Dog is Jumping the Fence?

Before we cure your dog of this behavioral problem, there are reasons why dogs like digging, chewing and jumping fences and other destructive behavior, below we have listed some of the reasons…

  • Dog separation anxiety.
  • Puppy anxiety.
  • Boredom.
  • Attention seeking.
  • Sex – there maybe a female dog on the other side.
  • Has your dog had early puppy socialization.
  • Your dog may have smelled food.
  • Something on the other side of the fence maybe more exciting.

How to Stop your Dog Jumping the Fence?

Some dogs are more prone to jumping fences just like some dogs love digging.

The most common breeds of dog that like to jump fences are Northern Terriers and particularly Jack Russell…

Below we have provided a true life dog story…

Securing your garden and making it safe for your dog or puppy is really very important. We recently helped a relatives Fox Hound called Simba who jumped their fence on more than one occasion and in one case badly injured another dog.

They cured this problem by simply making the fence higher and secure…

Tips on how to stop your dog jumping fence panels, gates, hedges etc…

  • Stop your dogs digging under the fence by filling in any gaps or holes. Dig a trench 1 foot under the ground and place the bottom of the fence under the ground so that your dog can’t dig under it.
  • Remove any objects that your dog is using as a boost or make shift ladder to help them jump over the fence.
  • Put obstacles 2 meters in front of the fence as this stops your dog from getting a good run up.
  • You can use negative reinforcement dog training devices such as shock collars or correction collars – these can be triggered automatically by markers in the fence.

We don’t personally like using this training method but if it is a choice between using negative reinforcement and your dog being destroyed you may have no other option. However, there are correction collars that give off a water or citronella spray as the correction rather than a shock.

  • Use simple dog training commands to train your dog – by training your dog to come you will be able to stop your dog jumping fence panels, gates or hedges etc…
  • If your dogs are digging under the fence – put some chicken mesh under the soil – they hate the feel of the mesh on their paws.  You could even sprinkle some cayenne pepper in the soil as a correction method.
  • Exercise your dog regularly, a tired dog is less likely to jump fences.
  • Keep your dog stimulated by playing lots of dog or puppy games with your pooch.
  • Make the garden a really fun and attractive place to be with lots of toys and chews, your garden has to be more attractive than your neighbors garden!
  • Be fair and consistently reward good behavior.
  • If you catch your dog jumping fence panels, gates or hedges etc don’t go running after him or chase him as he may start to enjoy the attention.

Follow these tips and techniques and you should manage to stop your dog jumping fence panels, wall, hedges etc within about 1 month to 6 weeks. Don’t ignore the problem as you don’t want another Simba problem where another dog gets hurt.

If you are really having problems and just can’t seem to cure the problem, try taking your pooch to dog or puppy training classes.

Oh as promised you can get some free vet advice below…

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