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Dog Mounting Problems Cured!

dog mounting

More of the best free dog and puppy training tips to cure dog mounting problems…

So far we have managed to…

  1. Stop puppy biting.
  2. Train you how to stop dog barking.
  3. Stop your dog jumping fence panels, walls, hedges etc…
  4. Teach you dog barking control.
  5. Cured puppy crate training whining problems.
  6. Stop your neighbors dog barking.
  7. Train you to understand specific dog behavior patterns.
  8. Even provide you with some free vet advice.

And as mentioned in our other section on dog mounting problems – a dog who constantly mounts you other people, dogs or animals is actually an easier problem to cure!

So lets get started…

Sexual Problems with Dogs

Fighting with other dogs, dogs that are over protective and dogs that guard and mark their territory by urinating on the furniture etc…are more common in male dogs and cured or at least controlled quite easily by having your dog neutered.

However, did you know that if you neuter a female – this can actually increase dominant behavior in a female that was already quite dominant.

When your dog mounts objects…and what to do!

If your dog has become frustrated by his attempts to mount people or other dogs, he may start to mount objects such as toys, rugs or even cushions.

This behavioral problem is actually quite normal but it can be very embarrassing and can even leave objects damaged.

Below we have provided a step by step guide to stop your dog mounting objects…

Step 1 – Interrupt the behavior…

If you catch your dog trying to hump objects why not try using some negative reinforcement to cure the problem.

  • Use the ‘No’ and ‘Off” command and squirt your dog on the back of the head with some water.
  • Try and do it without your dog realizing it is you who are doing the squirting – you want your dog to think that the negative reinforcement has come form the object that he was trying to mount.
  • Your aim is to simply startle your dog so that he learns to associate the negative ‘squirt’ with the object – also known as classical conditioning.

Step 2 – Isolate and Ignore your dog…

  • It may sound harsh but only ignore your dog for a minute – if your dog has mounted an object in front of you say ‘No’ and then turn your back on him and ignore him for 1 minute.

Step 3 – Divert his attention…

  • After you have ignored your dog for 1 minute now allow your dog to be around you again – but still ignore him for a few minutes even when he is back in your company.
  • Now ask your dog to sit and give him a treat and a reward – dogs who mount objects are bored and need more stimulation like exercise.

Is your dog mounting visitors…?

Many dogs like to mount visitors because they want to get your undivided attention and because you have been so successful in stopping your dog when he has being trying to mount members of the family and objects around the House.

Just pull your dog away with the leash and place him in another room until your visitor has gone…and go back to practicing Steps 1, 2 and 3.

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